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Learning About fertility screening singapore Before Getting Admission At best ivf clinic in singapore

You must have heard of ‘test-tube’ baby technique and IVF is the procedure through which test tube baby can be obtained. It has become 30 years the treatment has been introduced. Women who are suffering from injured¬† Fallopian tubes, IVF is one of the best treatments to resort to.

What is the function of IVF

IVF treatment initiates with a hormone therapy, where the follicles in ovary are stimulated, next the eggs are collected and they are fertilized in a test tube which is addressed as ‘in vitro’. Through this method number of embryos are generated. Then two or five days are spent in an incubator, one or two embryos are then carefully transferred through the vagina to the uterus. The moment transferring process is completed the period of pregnancy begins. ¬†Nonetheless, during IVF many embryos crop up and but all are not implanted, then again there is no guaranty that with those implanted embryos you will become pregnant. That is why the extra embryos are kept in proper frozen condition. When the first one fails, there are subsequent procedures performed one after another. But when the first one is successful no subsequent attempt is needed. Certainly freezing is one important and essential part for every IVF program, when you are completing your procedure at fertility screening singapore, the success rate of IVF increases lot more.

Event of single embryo shifting

When you are carrying forward the procedure with good chance of accomplishment, while completing the procedure at fertility screening singapore you wont be disappointed at any point.