Buying the ideal Tripod – DSLR Recommendations

Tripods come in a variety of sizes with varying degrees of motion. Tripods really consist of two pieces the mind and the legs. The consumer tripod has these 2 bits made but on end tripods each part becomes purchased. A normal DSLR camera weighs about 2 lbs add a few accessories such as a flash and lens and you are going to need a tripod that can securely handle the equipment load.

Tripod Basics

A tripod usually includes a tilt and pan head aluminum legs and a brace connecting the legs. Proceed to a tripod and you will discover legs made from magnesium carbon fiber and light weight for receiving your camera lower into the floor and sections centre columns that reverse, materials. You will also find a wide range of heads such as five-way and three-way pan heads, ball heads and also pistol grip heads. Tripods can cost up to 1000 or more but the bulk cost fewer than 250.

Tripods below 100

In the under 100 range, a tripod versions exist that stick out from the rest. Davis and Sanford, a manufacturer of tripods creates the tripod with liquid head that is three-way. This tripod has a load capacity of 8 pounds and a maximum extension of 61 inches. The tripod has a quick release plate on a center column and its head. The Fusion weighs 3.7 lbs. and includes a carrying case. The Sanford and Davis Fusion retails for approximately 43. Giotto’s among the most sort after tripod manufacturers by photographers makes an excellent tripod under 100.

100 to 150

Manfrotto is another highly tripod manufacturer by professional photographers. For approximately 130 you can grab the Manfrotto 293 aluminum three-section tripod with QR (quick release) ballhead. The 293 tripod extends to a maximum height of 62 inches and carries a maximum loading capacity of 8.81 lbs. This tripod has an anti-shock collar and weighs 3.85 pounds. Also is the Slik Pro 500HD tripod with shoe and head release. The 500HD supports up to 11 lbs. and extends to a maximum height of 65 inches. The Pro 500HD is created from a composite of magnesium, aluminum and titanium alloy. It retails around 150 for.

Tripods above 150

Tripods over 150 include the Benbo Trekker MK3 tripod kit with carrying and ballhead case. This tripod has a maximum support weight of 17 lbs. and it extends to 61 inches. The gorillapod tripod weighs 4.5 lbs. and it features a ballhead for fast and rapid movement. The Benbo Trekker MK3 retails around 179. 3 Legged Thing makes the X1 Brian carbon fiber tripod with Airhed 1 ballhead that retails for about 399. The X1 Brian extends to a maximum height of 81.1 inches and supports a maximum load of 17.6 pounds.